Keeping Your 2021 New Year’s Resolution to Eat Healthy

Keeping Your 2021 New Year’s Resolution to Eat Healthy

With the new year offering us the opportunity to set specific goals to improve our health, for many of us, it also means making promises to eat healthier and maybe lose a few kilos in the process.


Psychologists say that people often make resolutions just because it’s New Year’s Eve, but soon give up because they have no realistic plan of action for achieving them. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t set goals. Setting a resolution is an extremely helpful exercise that can guide our actions for the year and improve our lives, whether we complete them 100% or not!


Here are a few easy tips to follow to make sure you keep your 2021 new year’s resolution of eating healthy.


Do a clean out

Starting fresh means cleaning out the “naughty” food in your fridge and pantry. Anything that contains a crazy amount of refined ingredients needs to go to make room for the new foods you’ll be focusing on. Check all your packaged foods to see what can stay and what needs to go.


Add more colour

Add more colour to your meals by stocking up on local, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Try to include a serving at each meal, by making half your plate vegetables and try out some new veggies that you may have never tried before…you might just be surprised!


Buy Local

Select products that are grown, raised, or produced using the highest standards and search for produce that is seasonal to your area to ensure you’re getting the most nutrient rich and delicious tasting food. At Farmbox Co we’re passionate about supporting local Aussie farmers and delivering straight to the communities within the Gippsland region and South-East Melbourne. We’re also so confident about the quality of our local produce that we offer a 100% freshness guarantee. There’s just nothing better than local produce!


Make it convenient

Convenience and preparation are key when it comes to achieving any goal, so setting up something like our FarmBOX subscription means that there is no excuse when it comes to eating healthy, with fruit and vegetables delivered straight to your door every week − making it easy to add fresh local produce to your meals. Imagine having the best quality fruit and veggies, without having to make a trip to the shops!


Be realistic with your goals

Instead of saying you’ll lose 10kg by 2022, try and set a more positive nutrition goal such as eating five or more servings of vegetables per day, or replacing a sugary treat with something more nutritious.  You’ll likely lose weight in the process, but this keeps your mind off the scales and on something a little more inspiring, like trying new fruits, veggies and snacks.


One of the main reasons why people don’t reach their New Year’s resolutions can be due to lack of time or being too busy with work or life, so ensuring you’re prepared and planning to reach your goal is crucial! You wouldn’t take a road trip somewhere you’ve never gone without looking at your GPS, would you? So, don’t expect to achieve your resolution without a sound plan.


Check out our farm-fresh box options here and start getting local, fresh produce to your door every week or fortnight – whatever suits you best! 


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