Our Vision

To revolutionise Victoria's food scene by making premium, organically grown produce accessible and affordable for every household.

From Lockdown to Lifeline: The Rise of Farmbox Co.

In early 2020, as Victoria faced the uncertainties of lockdowns, Farmbox Co. emerged with a simple mission to sustain small local businesses and connect Victorians with fresh, locally-sourced produce.

Born and raised in Melbourne with a passion for health, wellness and home cooked food, Basel Aridi found his true calling and recognised an opportunity to make a meaningful difference. Rapidly, what started as a simple idea blossomed into a state-wide initiative rooted in trust, sustainability, and a shared commitment to supporting local. This marked the beginning of Farmbox Co.'s journey

A Dream Realised: Farmbox Goes Farm-Operated!

Fast forward to April 2024, and our roots have grown stronger and deeper. Farmbox Co. has blossomed into a 100% farm-operated service in partnership with Coming Home Farm. Here, we've embraced the timeless wisdom of biodynamic practices, allowing us to cultivate over 95% of the veggies we offer directly on our land. This shift isn't just about where we grow our food; it's a full-circle return to our core values, ensuring every fruit and vegetable we deliver is a testament to the highest standards of purity, nutrition, and ethical farming.

Yet, our journey is far from complete. For those special items we can't grow ourselves, we've formed partnerships with certified organic growers who share our ethos, ensuring that every product you receive from us, from leafy greens to crunchy apples, is of uncompromising quality.

About Our Growers

At the heart of Farmbox Co., Farmer Ken and Farmer Jen and embody a journey that intertwines with the very essence of coming home—to food, faith, and fanua (land). Their venture into regenerative, organic farming through the acquisition of a local organic farm in 2023 was a fulfillment of a deeper calling, one that resonates with their Samoan heritage where home is the heart of society and life.

Parents of eight, Ken and Jen have navigated diverse learning spectrums, severe food allergies, and mental health challenges within their family, sparking a transformative journey towards health and well-being.

Jen and Ken’s vision for Coming Home Farm & Farmbox Co. is for us to create a local farm experience that encapsulates the feeling of coming home. Through their efforts, they aim to forge connections with food, faith, and the land, inviting the community to partake in big cookups and farm table events that celebrate the bounty of our harvest.

In essence, Jen and Ken’s mission is to offer a sanctuary where everyone is welcome to explore, learn, and connect—where each visit to the farm is a journey back to the basics of what it means to nourish and be nourished. It’s here, amidst the lush fields, that we hope to share the joy of coming home, one meal, one conversation, and one shared table at a time.

Our Standards

At Farmbox Co., excellence and ethics guide every decision we make. Our standards are uncompromising because we believe the food we eat is more than just nourishment; it's a reflection of our respect for nature, our bodies, and our community. We are committed to:

  • Biodynamic Farming: Utilising biodynamic practices ensures our produce is not only free from synthetic pesticides and fertilisers but also grown in harmony with the natural world, enhancing soil health and biodiversity.
  • Quality Over Quantity: We prioritise the nutritional value and taste of our produce over mass production. Every item is grown, harvested, and selected with care, ensuring it meets our high-quality benchmarks.
  • Transparency: From seed to table, we maintain an open dialogue about our farming practices, sourcing, and sustainability efforts. Our customers deserve to know where and how their food is produced.

Giving Back to the Comminuty

At Farmbox Co. we believe in the power of giving back, creating a cycle of support that extends beyond the fields and into the lives of those around us.

  • 'Leave a Can, If You Can' Initiative: Join us in supporting local families through donations of non-perishable items in partnership with Morwell Neighbourhood House. Your contributions make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.
  • Nominate a Family: Know a family facing hard times? Nominate them for a free Farmbox care package, spreading joy and fresh, nutritious food where it's most needed. Together, with volunteers like Frank from Morwell Neighbourhood House, we're strengthening community ties, one box at a time.
  • Connecting through our Farmgate: Experience the journey from soil to table firsthand. Our upcoming Farmgate offers a unique glimpse into the sustainable heart of your food's origins, reinforcing the bond between you, local farmers, and the land.

Each Farmbox is a step towards a thriving local economy and a healthier community.

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