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Honest Eggs Pasture Raised 800g

Honest Eggs Pasture Raised 800g

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Dive into the world of Honest Eggs Co., where every egg tells a story of regenerative farming, unparalleled animal welfare, and

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Dive into the world of Honest Eggs Co., where every egg tells a story of regenerative farming, unparalleled animal welfare, and a commitment to environmental sustainability. Brought to you by Farmbox Co., these eggs are not just any ordinary breakfast ingredient; they're a testament to what egg farming can and should be.

Key Features:

  • Regenerative Farming: With less than 30 chooks per hectare roaming on fresh pasture, our eggs come from a system that improves the land, encourages biodiversity, and produces the tastiest, nutrient-rich eggs.

  • Roaming Roosts: Moved every week to ensure fresh grazing grounds, our chooks enjoy a varied diet of insects, worms, and grains, contributing to the rich, clean flavour of our eggs.

  • Transparency and Integrity: Founded on the principles of honesty and openness, we invite you to explore our farms. With Honest Eggs Co., what you see is what you get - real farms, real farmers, real commitment.

  • Sustainable Practices: From eliminating non-biodegradable materials in our packaging to employing Maremma dogs for natural protection, every aspect of our operation is designed with sustainability in mind.

  • Community Focused: At the heart of Honest Eggs Co. are the families and communities we support. Join us in our mission to revolutionize egg farming for the betterment of all.

Why Choose Honest Eggs Co.?

Choosing Honest Eggs Co. means supporting a network of farming families dedicated to ethical, sustainable farming. It means enjoying eggs that are not only delicious but also produced in a way that respects our planet and its inhabitants. With every purchase, you're voting for a brighter, more sustainable future.

Taste the Difference, Feel Good About Your Choice

Add Honest Eggs Co. to your Farmbox Co. order today and experience the difference that honesty, integrity, and quality can make to your table and to the world.

100% Freshness Guarantee

We're so confident about the quality of our produce that we offer a 100% freshness guarantee whereby if you're not fully satisfied with any of your produce or groceries, we will offer a same-day replacement or refund. 

Farmbox Co services households across all of Melbourne and parts of the Gippsland region. Click here to see the full list.

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