Flooding Creek Fungi Gourmet Mushrooms 250g


Australian made



Recyclable Packaging

250-gram punnet of mixed gourmet mushrooms, typically a mix of three types, such as Elm, Phoenix Oysters, Black Pearl, Yellow, Blue Shimeji, and King Oysters. The variety may change on a weekly basis depending on seasonality and availablity.

Flooding Creek Fungi is a small family-run fungi farm based in Sale, Gippsland, with a passion for growing high-quality and delicious mushrooms that are good for people and for the planet 🌍

Owners Josef and Leah strive to minimise their impact on the environment by:
✔️ Sourcing materials locally
✔️ Operating on solar and harvesting rainwater
✔️ Using glass Fowlers and washing and reusing all plastic bags
✔️ Packing their mushrooms in biodegradable punnets

Every punnet ordered will be freshly harvested Wednesday morning and delivered straight to your door the next day. Quantities are currently LIMITED so we recommend securing your punnet before they're gone as they are guaranteed to sell out every week.